How to Make Money With Network Propeller Ads

Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling your products and services, or displaying ads.

Google Adsense is the most popular choice, but there are several other ad networks you can use, like Propeller Ads.

Let’s go into details.


How Propeller Ads Works

Propeller Ads homepage screenshot

Propeller Ads, one of the leading ad programs in the world, serves over 650 million of ad impressions daily (at the time of this writing).

They have 100,000 sites in their network, with over 4,600 active ad campaigns and 8,600 million leads just last month.

You should know that Propeller Ads is a CPM ad network, which means it will pay you for every 1,000 ad impressions you generate.

Just like Google AdSense, you are going to generate revenue based on genuine impressions.  At Propeller Ads, publishers get paid higher rates for higher quality traffic.

Besides, advertisers give more importance to mobile traffic compared to desktop traffic. If you are driving highly-relevant and high-conversion traffic, the demand for your inventory increases.

The advantage of choosing Propeller Ads is that it displays the most relevant ads that pay the best-possible rates. The rates will vary on several factors as mentioned below, but they are the highest possible  in the industry:


Ad unit

Type of device

Type of website

Respective performance metric of the advertiser

And much more!

Signing up is easy, just visit their registration page.

After you confirm your email, you will be able to add your site.

Then, you need to verify the property, by adding a meta tag on the header.

verify site at Propeller Ads

Now you can set up your ads.

Let’s see the different advertising solutions.

Web Advertising

The following are the advertising solutions to monetize the traffic coming from the desktop.

PopUnder Ads

PopUnder Ads have the maximum CPM rate (up to $10), working with mobile visits too.  The pop-unders are unlike the intrusive pop-up ads. The user will view them only when the main browser is minimized. They help in drawing user attention directly to a landing page/site by skipping the banner ads phase.

Advantages of Propeller pop-under Ads:

Highest CPM Rates

Every visit pays

Larger ad area

Integrate mobile traffic monetization

But what are popunder ads?

They basically open a new window next to the main browser window, which means it’s a full page ad.

Check all the benefits of their pop-under ads for publishers and advertisers here.

Direct Ads

This is an easy solution for those webmasters looking for simple ways to send traffic to Propeller Ads.

You will receive a link, that you can use in your own buttons, as redirects or for content lockers.



Direct Ads

Banners Ads

Propeller Ads also supports banners ads. As banner advertising is considered to be more intrusive at a general level, it is not recommended for most niche categories and business models. Very few niche segments can count on this age-old strategy currently. Yet, this ad network offers this ad format in full-fledged form.

They support different banner ad formats:

728×90:  to be used normally at the top of your site or in the footer

160×600: it fits in the sidebars

120×600: to be used when the 160×600 format is too large

300×250: this, from experience also with other ad networks, is the most performing banner format. A good solution is under your content, or even in the top sidebar.

Other formats are 800×600, 800×440 and 468×60.

banner formats at Propeller Ads

Mobile Advertising

As the smartphone revolution catches up, mobile traffic has become crucial to generating more revenues from your ad program. Propeller Ads has a powerful mobile advertising program with tons of benefits for publishers. This includes:

Total ad coverage across all the mobile platforms, devices, and locations

3 times higher eCPM rates relative to conventional banner ads

Extra monetization opportunities that don’t conflict with your running ad programs, including Google AdSense

Rendering only brand-safe and high quality ads on your site

Compatibility with even those sites which are not mobile-ready

Ease of integrating ad tags

The following formats are offered by Propeller Ads for monetizing your mobile traffic:

Dialog Ads/Push Up

Mobile dialog ads - push up

Dialog Ads is a type of ad in the form of a message, displayed as a dialogue box. This ad format can adapt to almost any mobile platform or device. Because of the universal appeal and compact form of this ad format, it helps drive highly interested users to your advertisers’ pages. It is also extremely beneficial in maintaining repeat visits by your visitors.

Rate here is up to $7 per 1000 impressions and it promises to show just relevant and user-friendly ads.

Mobile Interstitial Ads

mobile interstitial ad

Mobile Interstitial ads are full-screen superior banners that offer multiple times the CTR of conventional banner ads. This means more traffic being driven to your advertisers’ landing pages. There is no need to have a mobile-ready site. They can appear vertically/horizontally depending on the device’s orientation.

This kind of ad works perfectly with entertainment websites, in a niche such as music, movies, downloads, games, viral content, etc.

Some Considerations About Propeller Ads


It’s really simple to register and get your account activated. In a matter of minutes, you can get the ads live on your site and start earning.

You should know that Propeller Ads share 80% of their ad revenue with publishers.

The dashboard in your account is easy to understand and reports are clear.

Payments are made via wire transfer (when you reach $500) or Payoneer and Webmoney (when your income is over $100). As per Propeller Ads’ Terms for Publishers, the payouts are made after 30 days of completion of the earning period. So the payouts for October are wired or transferred during the first week of the December.

Be sure to check their terms and conditions, so to not violate any rules.

There is also a nice support , if you need further assistance. You can reach their customer support here.

Support screenshot


For some kind of ads, as the full-screen or pop-under ads, you may risk of annoying your readers.  But they have an effective solution for this. The support could change the frequency caption for these ads. In such a case, the pop-unders are displayed only when the user makes the third click.

If you have a site that has a lot of organic traffic, then this is not an issue, but if you have a loyal base of fans, you can lose a part of them.

So my suggestion is to use just a certain type of ad, which matches the marketing plan and goal of your site.

As additional note, there’s not PayPal as a payment method supported, which is quite a pity, seen its popularity.


Propeller Ads is among the most widely accepted and successful ad network that is focused on maximum fill rate and eCPM rates for publishers and optimal ROI for advertisers. The program not only auto-optimizes your campaigns, it also offers one of the widest ranges of non-intrusive and effective ad formats. Their leading ad formats include Pop-unders and Mobile Ads.

All types and niches of publishers are accepted by Propeller Ads. Even those who are generating small amount of traffic could apply for an account. Overall, it is the perfect platform for those targeting general or common niche, especially if your goal is to generate more revenue. It can be used along with Google AdSense without any issues.

You can definitely sign up here and give it a go, so to test their ads.

We have a small gaming site that generates decent amount of traffic. We used Propeller Ads along with our existing AdSense program. We are currently generating over $1,500 in revenue and we are just into our fourth month with them. What is most interesting is that it has not interfered with our AdSense revenues in any way! We will highly recommend this ad network!