Krist Perawat Sangpotirat



SOTUS: The series(Main lead)

Puppy Honey 2(Supporting lead)

Little Big Dream(Extra)

SOTUS S: The Series(Main lead)

⋆★Date of birth: 18 October 1995 (21)★⋆

⋆★Birth Place: Bangkok, Thailand★⋆

⋆★Height: 176cm★⋆

⋆★Weight: 64kg★⋆



⋆★Shirt Size: M/L★⋆

⋆★Shoe Size: 42★⋆

⋆★Blood Type: A★⋆

⋆★Favorite Colors: Black, White, and Gray★⋆

⋆★Goal: to be a good actor★⋆

⋆★Favorite Sport: Swimming★⋆

⋆★Favorite Food: KFC, Salmon Sashimi, Sushi(without vegetables), Spaghetti Carbonara, chicken grilled papaya salad, Morning Glory(vegetable), Chinese cabbage, Spinach★⋆

⋆★Favorite idols: Shut Bodyslam, Pup Potato, Stamp Awlapt★⋆

⋆★Hobby: watching movies, listening to music★⋆

⋆★Motto: “up to dad and mom”★⋆

Krist Perawat is a Thai model and a newbie actor. He will graduate from Kaestart University faculty of Economics on November 2017. He earned a big fame through his first drama SOTUS: The Series.